The Vagina Dialogues

The Vagina Dialogues

  • 31 January, 2022

Time Out Says

Asia’s first-ever Vagina Dialogues, happening for the entire month of August

Asia’s feminine care startup, Luüna Naturals, launches The Vagina Dialogues, which will run for an entire month of August. This initiative is a first in Asia to provide women inspiring conversations about gynaecological health, wellbeing, and empowerment. 

With speakers, experts, activists, brands, and communities spanning Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, the online seminars will cover various topics such as the psychology of sexual empowerment, gynaecological health and sexual stigmas surrounding STI's and contraception, and many more. Hong Kong ambassador for Yverest, Valentina Tudose, makes an appearance for the first week’s Education, Empowerment, and Self-care panel. She is Hong Kong’s leading authority in transformational relationship coaching and has made waves with her popular TEDx Talk on Embracing Unconditional Love.

Luüna Naturals has built its community around destigmatising menstruation to educate and provide easy access to toxin-free products. Through this online campaign, CEO and founder of Luüna Naturals, Olivia Cotes-James, hopes to highlight and find solutions to the myriad of issues facing womanhood in Asia. 

Aside from the seminars, The Vagina Dialogues also has a wide selection of topics covering a broad spectrum of information regarding sexual, reproductive and gynaecological health. Interested participants can sign up for the online talks via this linkFor the full schedule of activities visit the programme's website.    

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